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Basically a wrapper for "dxcmd -getstate".

Usage: check_dxml_drvstate [-s hostname|ip-address] -u username, -p password -d driver-dn [-i] [--br]
[-tw warnsize -tc criticalsize [-tree treename]] [--hbw warntime --hbc criticaltime [--hbattr attr-name]]
Usage: check_dxml_drvstate [-h | --help]
Novell DirXML 1.1 and Identity Manager 2.x/3.x driver state detector plugin for Nagios
Version 1.6, 2008-09-01

-s, --server dirxml/idm server ip or hostname, e.g. or myserver.mydomain.org.
Leave out this option to check drivers running on the same machine as nrpe
-u, --username account used to check driver state, ldap typed syntax, e.g. cn=admin,o=novell
-p, --password passwort in cleartext (good reason to use a restriced account :-)
-d, --driver driver to check, ldap typed syntax, cn=drv_test,cn=my_driverset,o=system
-i, --invert invert return codes to monitor inactive backup servers in a driverset.
A running driver will return STATE_CRITICAL (2), a stopped one STATE_OK (0)
--tw max TAO file size before STATE_WARNING (1) will be reported
--tc max TAO file size before STATE_CRITICAL (2) will be reported.
If neither --tw and --tc are set, TAO file size checking will be disabled
--tree treename of the driver to be checked. only needed with TAO file size monitoring
on edir 8.8 running multiple instances (experimental feature - not tested!)
--hbw max time in seconds since last heartbeat before STATE_WARNING (1) will be reported
--hbc max time in seconds since last heartbeat before STATE_CRITICAL (2) will be reported.
If neither --hbw and --hbc are set, heartbeat checking will be disabled
Please note that a schema extension and a special event transform policy on the
driver are necessary to support heartbeat checking
--hbattr ldap name of the attr that stores the heartbeat timestamp if a non-default
schema extension is used
--br add <br/> tags to output for better readability in HTML display
-h, --help help screen

Version history:

v1.0, 2006-04-10
initial release
v1.1, 2007-05-21
added support for IDM 3.5 and more detailed return messages
v1.2, 2007-08-01
added support for Edir 8.8
new command line option "-i" to invert return codes of running and
stopped drivers. This is meant to help monitoring usually inactive
backup servers associated to a driver set.
all changes in v1.2 based on enhancements by Rainer Brunold, many thanks!
v1.3, 2007-12-05
added TAO file size monitoring
username and driverdn must now be ldap typed (for TAO file size monitoring),
still works with nds dotted username/driverdn, but only without TAO size checks
take driver startup mode into consideration when driver is not running:
disabled -> STATE_OK,
added long command line options
v1.4, 2008-01-22
added heartbeat monitoring, requires a schema extension (aux class), driver
heartbeat and a special policy on the driver
new command line option --br to add html line breaks to text output
text output now shows warning/critical values for TAO file size and
heartbeat monitoring
v1.5, 2008-08-26
added -Z parameter to ldapsearchs
improved TAO filesize determination for various "ls -l" output styles
v1.6, 2008-09-01
fixed wrong $TAODIR for Edir 8.8x

Howto enable heartbeat monitoring:

1. extend the tree schema from nagiosHelper.ldif
2. add an event transform policy to monitored driver from Heartbeat4Nagios.xml
3. enable publisher heartbeat as shown in publisher-heartbeat.xml
4. restart driver
5. add --hbc and/or --hbw parameters for the driver to nrpe.cfg
6. (optional) add the --br option for better readability in HTML display
7. wait for or reschedule next service check for the driver

Schema extension example:
ice -lice.log -SLDIF -fP:\ath\to\nagiosHelper.ldif -v -DLDAP -s10.0.0.111 -p389 -dcn=admin,o=novell -w********* -B

nrpe.cfg config example:
command[dxml_srv_pwnotify]=/path/to/check_dxml_drvstate -u cn=dxcmd,o=novell -p ***** --tw 500000 --tc 1000000
--hbw 360 --hbc 900 --br -d cn=srv_pwnotify,cn=dirxml_drvset,o=novell

If you want to use a different attribute to store the heartbeat timestamp:

1. create your attribute as
- time syntax (recommended)
- single-valued (recommended)
- per-replica (strongly recommended!)
2. edit the Heartbeat4Nagios policy to
a) reflect the new attribute name
additionally, if you choose non-time syntax for your attribute:
c) make sure the timestamp is UTC and
d) has LDAP format, e.g. "20080122123345Z" (= 2008-01-22 12:33:45 UTC)
3a. edit the line starting with "HBATTR_LDAPNAME=" in check_dxml_drvstate to match the new attribute name
3b. add the command line option --hbattr to nrpe.cfg
4. test extensively ;-)
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