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MonitoringExchange is a central repository for all files and programs which extend or support Nagios and Icinga monitoring. Easily search, store and rate plugins and connect with the people behind them.

The very first plugin repository for monitoring systems like Nagios and
Icinga, MonitoringExchange has been serving the community longer and
more dedicated than any other.
6 years and half a million downloads later we say - cheers to the 2000+ projects
and 15,400+ users that have been a part of making MonitoringExchange the
longest standing plugin repository online.

Behind and inside MonitoringExchange: Catalot

The repository platform has been revamped as of October 2009 to run on a new open source, catalogue system developed in-house, called Catalot.

Written in PHP and built on the Agavi (www.agavi.org) framework, Catalot is supported by an in-house AppKit and the YUI2 Javascript library.
Catalot offers a host of new features to MonitoringExchange such as:

•    AJAX auto-complete search
•    ‘Add projects’ with CKEDITOR flair and unlimited file upload
•    Tree view categories
•    Comments notification service
•    Speaking URLs

In addition, extending Catalot for MonitoringExchange should be ever more easy thanks to its Agavi framework and CMS administration. So stay tuned for further improvements.

For more information see the Catalot project homepage at www.netways.org

Why this site?

Icinga and Nagios are powerful monitoring tools which can be applied in just about any context. They are supported by a multitude of extensions and plugins which allow users to monitor almost any device or service in a network.

It is likely that someone has created a plugin that may fit your needs, though finding it may be more difficult. So we took on the challenge to host a central repository where just about any program or file related to open source monitoring systems can be found.

NagiosExchange.org or MonitoringExchange.org?

As of May 2009, our domain name changed from NagiosExchange.org to MonitoringExchange.org. NagiosExchange has been running since 2004, and its complete catalogue of plugins, addons etc. has been maintained in the move to the new domain.

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